Happy Easter everyone!!

So far I’ve had a pretty good one!

I’ve been mostly enjoying my time to relax and not really doing much.

I think that it’s best when you get a long weekend particularly one that goes for four days to simply relax. It’s a rare opportunity to get time off that’s for more than 2-3 days and when we take it we should enjoy it.

Good Friday for me was simply a “me” day. The kind where you don’t have an alarm clock to wake you up, you’re in a pretty lazy mood all day and you even take it as far as staying in your pjs all day. Although I managed to get up at 7:30am which for me is actually a 2 hour sleep in – I still didn’t really do much. Except I did bake a upside down polenta plum cake.

Yesterday was also good because the day itself was quite similar. Then last night myself and a few friends went out for dinner and a movie. We had crepes at a place that makes gluten-free crepes – which were delicious!! Then we went to watch “Hyde Park on Hudson”. A very funny movie set in the 1930s about a woman called Daisy and her “relationship” with President Roosevelt in the time where the King of England was trying to convince America to go to war with them. A good movie and one that I would recommend.

Today I woke to find that the Easter Bunny delivered to my door a large chocolate bunny and eggs to go with it.  A very lovely surprise to wake up to!

I’m now slowly getting through emails, eating toast, drinking tea and awaiting a skype date from my Aunty!

All in all – I’m very happy with how these Easter holidays have been. On that note


I hope we all enjoy it!


If we didn’t have to work for a living…

I am asking the question – if we didn’t have to work for a living what would we do with our time? Do we work because we need the income or do we also do it because it’s fulfilling, it gives us a sense of purpose etc? It’s probably a bit of both but would we still work if we didn’t have to?

I am in the transition phase of life from just finishing my degree and starting my career. There are some days where life just feels like a series of steps, a series of things people need to complete in order to get through life.

Once we are born we come into a world that is completely unknown, we are taken care of by our parents, family members, friends and even strangers. When I look back to my child-hood although my Mother was the one I would say raised me, brought me up and did most of the work. There were other people there that came into my life and looked after me.

As I got older and in particular when my parents separated and later got divorced I learnt more about how to look after myself – for me the process of looking after myself started at about 6 or 7 years old. I still had other people around who I could depend upon but with my mother now being single I had to do more for myself.

It started with simple things like tieing my hair in a pony-tail but eventually I learnt to cook, do my washing and take myself to school.

I came out of school and was soon living in student accommodation and once again I was doing more myself and learning more about what I wanted for me.

By now I had completed both Primary and Secondary School and was about to start my degree.

The point that I’m trying to get at is that if you think about it once we are born we have a series of life lessons that need to be done before another lesson can begin. To the point where they are never-ending right up until we are no longer here.

I’m not saying that life is predictable or clear. Life does get in the way, we are presented with challenges and sometimes those “steps” have to be altered and changed in order to still get to where we want to go.

But where exactly are we going? If we can’t live forever is there is point? What would happen if we all decided to live on benefits?
Is that even possible?

For me being a teacher isn’t because of the money because lets face it I’m not going to earn a huge sum of money by doing my job. I’m doing it because I want to make a difference in the world. Plus I know that even if I didn’t need money for food, rent and bills I’d still do it. I can honestly say that I have enough love for what I got my degree in to do regardless of the money.

If I had more time just for me I would probably do more art, baking, writing, reading, watching of movies, etc. Not every day would be jam-packed and I probably wouldn’t get up early and decide that 9ish would be the earliest I’d wake up and I’d love to live in my trackies/pjs and not have to really worry about how I looked. But would I love my life? Honestly no, I don’t think I would. I can’t imagine not working with children in any way shape or form. As a nanny/babysitter, teacher or with what I’m doing now with before and after school care.

Everyday I feel so lucky to be a part of the lives that I’m a part of. Some of these kids are at school each day from 7:15am to 6pm at night, they have homework, extra-curricular activities/sport, parties, weekends away, etc. Their childhood isn’t exactly what I’d call easy. It’s pretty full-on.

The weekends and school holidays are for me time. If another person comes into my life some day then he will be included. But for now I can enjoy my spare time. I can enjoy my work and my hobbies. I think I’m pretty fortunate. My job to me isn’t simply a job and I cherish the time I have for myself.

I would rather be blissfully happy earning little than miserable earning a lot.

Signing off – Happy Saturday!!


Book Review: “Any Human Heart”


Someone’s journal is usually or at least to me kept away from any other person but to that it belongs to. “Any Human Heart” however is Logan Mountstuart’s journal. It is a place where I never thought I would find myself. I have a journal and write it with the thought that no one else will ever read it. I write in such a way where I allow myself almost total freedom. I say almost total freedom because I know that one day it is possible that someone may find all my journals and read them. The people who will maybe one day get the chance to read them will either make discoveries of what I really feel or think to themselves that they knew how I felt all along.

To me a journal is a place where I put my thoughts and feelings. It is generally not where I write entries such as “Dear Diary today I went to the movies with so and so we saw blah di blah and it was great. Afterwards we grabbed a bite to eat and it was delicious” – it is more to do with venting in order to get something off my chest. In some ways it is a healing process in which I deal with negative emotions. I don’t always write about the bad things that happen but it does help in that way. It is a place where I can go before I talk about things to other people…

What originally drew me to this book was my uncle saying that this blog reminded him of this book. In those words I instantly thought to myself – I had to read it. In that moment I did not realise what I would be getting myself into.

Mr Mountstuart writes in a very honest voice about what happens in his life, there isn’t any of the “Dear Diary” stuff but it is very much a detailed description of his life. His incredible life. He lived through every decade of the 20th century. To be a part of this was at sometimes very intense and in other times very enjoyable. Because of this there were times where I wanted to stop reading. I kept going because Logan himself kept going. He kept living despite the moments in his life where he wished he had not lived through. Towards the end of the story (without giving anything away) you understand that he was a person who simply wanted to live.

He wanted to live every encounter of life. The highs and lows. The joys and woes. The light and dark. Every part of it needed to be lived and through his eyes it was.

I do not believe that unless you read this story you will truly understand what I am trying to say. When my uncle told me about the book and how it spanned over every decade of the 20th century. I thought to myself, it would be interesting to see what that meant. I did not believe until I read it how much change one person could be confronted with. Trust me – there was in this book an amazing amount of change – some of it drastic and some of it smaller but all of it had huge influences to where his life took him.

“Any Human Heart” by William Boyd I believe is a must read. I do not believe that I could rate it out of ten because of how personal it is but I do believe that every page takes it’s time to unravel and reveal a life that was much lived. It proves to us or at least certainly to me that life is worth living.

I would like to thank my uncle who told me about this book – I don’t think I would have known about it or read it if it wasn’t for him.

Signing off because I need to get back to doing things I need to but do not want to do… urgh.

Oh Baby It’s Cold Outside!

You know you are on holidays when it gets to 3:00am and you’re still awake. The day couldn’t have gone any slower and your pjs become the attire of choice…unless you need to buy chocolate. Well at least this is what happens in winter. Winter days are filled with dreaming up your next hearty but comforting dish and you can’t help but to indulge on baked goods… and knowing that tomorrow you’ll be wearing 3 jumpers just to keep warm makes it all the worth-while. This morning I nearly decided that  I would read all day long with a cup of tea and a cat on my lap, but as I realised there were forms to fill in for my up-coming N.T trip this wasn’t going to be possible…

But I will make it up to myself 🙂

At this point in time though it’s not just that I’m on holidays it’s also that I’m really close to finishing my degree! The day that I never thought would come is soon here and although I’m excited I can’t help but to take a big swallow and sigh!!

I cannot believe that I’m sitting here half-way to finishing my degree – I keep having this terrible dream that I’m in a classroom on my first day and all I do is stare at the kids… I don’t know what to do on my first day – I will, I know I will…but in the back of my mind I’m second-guessing myself… It’s almost like I need other people to stop saying that I’ll be fine and to say I’ll be rubbish – just so I can be determined to prove to them they’re wrong…but that’s crazy!!!!!

All these irrational thoughts are crazy… I just hope I’m not the only on thinking them…

Am I the only one thinking them?

This is crazy! This is crazy! This is crazy!

Why do I do this to myself? Think like this?

I guess it’s partly human nature and partly going back to not believing in myself and also partly totally normal but still!!


I’m sure it will all come into place I just sometimes wish we didn’t have to go through all of this before it did or that I could just magically see exactly where I’ll be next year.

Ahhh I seriously dislike not knowing what I’ll be doing…

This is crazy! This is crazy! This is crazy!

*deep breath*

Tonight I will dream:

Knowing what to do, knowing that mistakes are ok and knowing that I will be ok no matter what happens.

Tomorrow I will:

Write a list of things that still needs to happen before NT and tick them off as I do them so that I’m not sitting around stressing

and then we’ll go from there…

Is it too late to bake a cake?

I’m conjuring in my mind the perfect layered cake perfectly decorated, GF and utterly delicious…

Right now… maybe I’ll have a sneaky scoop of ice-cream with drinking chocolate on top? hmmm yes… Ice-cream in winter that’s what we all need!!

Ok. Good plan.

Lets go and execute it!!!

Lesson of the day (haven’t done one for ages…):

RELAX! It’s all good. 🙂

Signing off to make a yummy concoction.

A change in head space goes a long way!!

So some people might say that what I do before I study or during a day of study as procrastination. But honestly even if you say you’re going to have a study day, it’s not healthy to only study with a few small breaks for food, drinks and toilet breaks. Sometimes you need to occupy your mind and do other things to get your home work done or simply just to be productive. Today I had one of those days. A day of study to catch up on study that I missed during Easter. I needed the time to have a break, plus I got a cold so then I needed time to rest…but I probably would have prolonged study anyway… but that’s not the point…


This is my point – a few weeks ago I decided to do my homework sitting at this table, natural light coming through the window, a cup of tea, my books set up in a way which allows for multi-tasking and somehow my least favourite subject became somewhat relaxing… and I was able to get my work done more efficiently than when I was in my room.

Previous to sitting at this table, I was stuck in my room at my desk – not doing a thing.

The change in where I was sitting – changed the way I worked… It was so great!

Today I did a very similar thing. I moved to my living room where there are more living room tables than necessary…and worked with a bit of sound in the background and once again got more done than if I had stayed in my room.

It wasn’t though just my relocation. It was also because study wasn’t my complete focus. Sure I had a lot to get through, but I couldn’t just sit and do it all day. I started my day with a bit of breakfast while sending off my ensemble notes to my Drama ensemble groups… started work on another Drama assignment…made lunch…ate it…tried going back to home work…went to the supermarket…wrapped my cousin’s birthday present…did a load of washing…made dinner…called a friend…went back to study…finished another assignment for my Tibet subject – while watching Betwitched…emailed my Auntie…ate some Easter eggs and probably did other things that I haven’t mentioned…and now here I am…

A very productive day!

Plus I didn’t feel weigh-downed by being in my room doing homework. In fact I felt as though I had a very good day, not too eventful but having gotten a lot done – it was a very good day.

The move to another spot in the house, to leave the house a couple of times or sometimes to do something enjoyable like calling a friend or even watching T.V is ok on a study day if it means you still get things done. Studying – and especially these days shouldn’t and isn’t about being in your room and sitting at your desk.

You don’t have to have a typical clear desk, a quiet room and small breaks to get things done…

Sometimes even having a long break – to get away can really help and if you’re not enjoying some portion of the day, then really isn’t any point because trust me, miserable people don’t do homework!

Miserable people sit around and think about why they are miserable or sit around eating chocolate and watching movies – I’m all for the chocolate and movies, the best combination really… but if you have a lot of things to do – then it’s not really appropriate…

If you’re like me though and can’t stand silence while you work, a bit of music or even a bit of background T.V is well not just ok, but great…

If silence is more distracting than useful then make the change to have a bit of noise.

If your dull room and dull desk doesn’t suit the space in which you study then move somewhere else and sit somewhere else.

If being inside is driving you insane then go for a walk – trust me getting fresh air and listening to your own thoughts instead another person’s inside a textbook on a topic that you know nothing about – helps!!

If you need something to eat – don’t eat it by your lap-top or notebook. Stop. Eat. Return to study.

If you have shopping or washing to do – then do it because otherwise the thought of you having not doing it will take over your mind more than the theories on teaching and education or whatever it is you might be studying…

If you would much rather call your friend then read another flipping article on another flipping subject matter on another flipping topic about something! Then do it – you’ll have a laugh and get back to the article afterwards. Laughing is a great thing for the soul – it lifts you up like nothing else can and so can talking to a friend…

If chocolate is necessary get some and eat it.

The trick is to find the balance with doing the things you need and want to do that isn’t study to then allow you to study when you’ve finished doing those other things.

Besides I got four assignments done today – in amongst all the other things… some people including myself may call me a “freak” but hey – obviously the way I do my homework… works!!

Now come Sunday I have one thing to work on… plus a monologue to continue to rehearse as Monday is when I get to say my arts, thous, doths and thees – but I will feel in on that – next week! 🙂

Signing off – to next time!

Lesson of the day:

Take your time and recognise how important head space really is cos it will help in what you need to do to be happy with your day.

Safeway, Movies, a Wonderful Friend and the Perfect Easter!

As Good Friday rolled round, my bags were packed and I was ready to go.  There was no exact plan in my trip to Kyneton to visit my friend Mia except that I knew that I had decided to get the 10:35am bus to Sunbury which would lead me to a train arriving at Kyneton station at 12:30pm…

It felt great… to get up and leave. Leave my home work, my cat (being looked after by house-mates), any potential dishes or laundry behind and go see a friend!

The first stop was the station to buy my ticket – which I happened to do so nearly two hours before my bus left – oops, but better than being late…

As I had time to spare, a trip to the coffee shop was quite appropriate. A cafe latte and flourless lemon and poppy-seed cake – ordered, I was pretty happy in being early… a leisurely wait for my bus meant that I had enjoyed my early start and didn’t feel rushed! It was great.

My bus arrived at 10am giving passengers plenty of time to board it and as I had a magazine and Harry Potter 4 –  I didn’t mind at all…

Before we knew it, we were already in Sunbury – most of us passengers got of the bus and headed straight for the train, we were wrongly directed for platform 2, luckily though we quickly realised this mistake and headed back to the right platform where our train was already waiting… back to the world of Harry Potter and a chapter later, the train had left…

It was such a quick journey that before I knew it I was greeted by the lovely Mia… we stopped by in the town of Kyneton for a bit of baby present shopping as a friend of hers was having twins – yikes…!! Hard decisions were made, but as I have since been told that the soon to be mother loved the present – I think the right ones were made…

We then headed towards her house via IGA – where we bought some much-needed lunch supplies…and some other things for later. Once we arrived to her place, there was many things to decide – like what to watch on T.V or what movie to pick for that night… ahh well life is tough when you have the weekend off…

After lots of chats, T.V watching and consuming of lunch and many hours later – it was now time for dinner… GF pasta with bacon and chicken and a cream sauce… which meant that we both sinned…oops…next year I’ll be good and eat fish… but then again some people say it’s more of a catholic thing and techniquely I’m anglican…so it should be all good right…

Yes so back to the weekend…

We decided on watching Easy A as our dinner movie…which I must say surprised me as it was really funny and I loved Olive’s parents. They were played by Stanley Tucci and Patricia Clarkson – couldn’t you imagine them being your parents?!?! I mean – they were just brilliant… quirky, honest, fun…allowing their children to make mistakes etc and in their own way…or however way you want to describe it… was just great to watch. 🙂 Also the outfits that Olive wore when she was dressing as a “slut” was just so creative. ah… good film.

After Easy A, Save the Last Dance was on – another good film…with the dancing, the love, the ballet meets hip hop, how the girl had to live without her mother, etc – all caught up in one cool story…great film…

Saturday had slowly crept up and I woke with a sore throat…which I thought I could ‘nip in the bud’ or however the saying goes…

That didn’t quite happen…although I did try…

Our friend Jenna who had come home to visit her family from living in Canada came round after lunch and another trip into town – except this time to Safeway… where I picked up some lemsip, honey and a few other bits and pieces…

and we chatted and chatted and chatted… after not seeing another good friend for a really long time it was hard not to chat as we did… the afternoon soon turned into the evening… Jenna went home and Mia and I decided to pick up some Pizza… she got Honey Chicken and I got Greek Souvalki (as in the toppings were ingredients you would find in a souvlaki)…

More movies and some episodes of Sex and the City it was shortly time for bed…

Sunday rolled round… and it was time for me to check the train timetable… except neither of us wanted me to leave…

so instead an extra day…

This day was filled – with you guessed it – movies…plus a trip to Woodend – to have a look at the shops and just to have a drive… then another trip to Safeway cos we needed dinner – an indian beef curry with rice…

but before all this cooking an

EASTER EGG HUNT… we had about 20 – so I hid ten and Mia hid ten and we had fun hiding and finding and teasing each other while we did it and don’t forget the old ‘hot and cold trick’ – except I added sizziling and boiling just to spice things up…

Lots more chatting, TV watching, curry eating and now chocolate egg consuming – with a bit if not a lot of laughter later and before you knew it was time for bed…

A sleep later, the checking of the timetable… packing my bag, showering and getting dressed… it was time for me to say goodbye to Mia and Kyneton…

It was early Monday arvo – really cold as it had just rained… my throat wasn’t quite yet better and I was back on another train…this time though it took a lot quicker as there was no waiting time for the bus back to Melbourne…by 3:30/4 I was back at home, pumpkin soup in microwave and a bit more tv watching  to be had…just to finish off my Easter…

This morning I woke – to rain and cold, a walk to a neighbouring suburb and home for homemade chicken noodle soup to sooth my sore throat and reflect on what a great break this has been… tomorrow I will be back to the grind of study…

at least there will be plenty of chocolate to keep me company!

Signing off as I slowly start winding down for the night – prehaps maybe with some Harry Potter…

sorry no lesson of the day… unless you want to know the goodness of friends and movies – I think I’ve said all that and trust me even if with this cold I have now… it’s still safe to say that life right now can’t get any better… 🙂


This so called modern-life we live in…

Is is just me or does everything feel like a big deal to people these days?

A) You can’t say that or he/she’ll will be offended

B) You have to be really careful about what you name your baby or otherwise they’ll be stuck with something boring or be teased – yet Apple or Cruz is somehow accepted because that baby belongs to a celebrity… and Molly spelt Mollie is also ok, because at least then the spelling is unique… heaven forbid people stick with Sarah or Alex…

C) Your children have to live in amazingly decorated rooms cos otherwise they will have no friends

D) Your child’s first birthday party or any birthday party for your child has to include a jumping castle, a face painter, pass the parcel with carefully selected paper – also properly decorated because apparently newspaper isn’t the way to go anymore, plus goodie bags without lollies and instead healthy snacks cos no child is allowed fairy bread anymore even on their birthday

D) Children under five mustn’t watch T.V – it will most certainly rot their brain or worse – have them not being able to read before they go to school

E) You have to have a completely super organised house – otherwise all your friends will have to go out to dinner cos otherwise it’ll be too shameful to have them over

F) There is a gadget for everything and if you dare go outside without the latest kindle then don’t even dare leaving the house again

G) Don’t enjoy being pregnant and expecting your first child just feel the ‘pressure’ of doing everything right – don’t forget if you eat sandwich meat your baby will die…

H) Don’t yell at children ever – cos their self esteem will be shattered and if you can’t yell then don’t slap either…

I) If you’re not married when you decide to have children then forget it everyone will ‘out’ you

J) Replace all lollies with carrot sticks cos clearly we can’t enjoy food anymore

K) On the topic of food if it’s not organic then don’t buy it – cos you’re just going to get glared get at by the check-out chick

L) Refuse, Reuse, Recycle – everything or else!

M) Safe the world. If you don’t donate to 100 causes a week then really you shouldn’t be allowed to live

N) You got your coffee from where? No don’t go there, the person doesn’t use the foam to make sure it’s presented with a pretty bird on a tree branch on top and the barista doesn’t make the milk hot enough so it burns your toung…

O) I buy all my clothes, gifts, etc online, plus get all my food and essentials home delivered, plus I just don’t leave the house because I don’t have anytime yet I’m sitting here on my computer blogging about how I don’t have time… and really this sentence is taking all my time… where has all the time gone

P) I can’t call  my friends anymore let alone see them because of my busy lifestyle

Q) I have a Nintendo Wii to do yoga and play tennis because really any sort of exercise done outdoors I can’t stand and doesn’t fit in with my life…cos it’s just so hectic

R) and continuing with this topic – the other day I had to look up this great word – Relax when my friend told me I should do it more often… I thought sounds great – but really where can I fit it in

S) As a teacher I have to remember to say chalkboard, not to sing baa baa black sheep, to talk to all the parents as though their children are angels and gifted, to make sure I never show my students that I’m human , etc – but do I also need to say interactive felt-tip pen board… should I have a melt-down now to get it over and done with – because clearly it’s inevitable…

T) When I become a mother I’ll have to hire a nanny, casual babysitter, night nurse, etc and only talk to them when they really need to…because all those activities that they’ll have to go to I just won’t be able to take them to… plus simply reading them a story is just too much of a hassle

U) Where are all my hair and beauty essentials… I may only be going to buy milk…but seriously you never know who you’ll bump into… oh my gosh here comes another melt-down…

V) Did I tell you about Facebook, blogger, tumblr, you tube, pinterest, this site that I’m on now, twitter, google plus and whatever else I’ve used to divulge everything about my personal life on? I mean seriously if you don’t go look at one those pages, then the photos from the latest party/wedding/christening/house-warming/gig/*insert event here* that I went to – or the video footage of my child’s birth will not be shown to you because I’m a private person and don’t really want people to see those things…but seriously you probably don’t want to see all the details anyway. 😉

W) Did you watch the latest of junior masterchef? Since when do children know how to not just make cupcakes or cookies with icing on top – but things that I don’t even know how to pronounce

X) When you do find the time to catch up with friends, don’t forget to document the entire outing on Facebook via your phone so that everyone can know what you’re up to – heaven forbid you actually talk to your friend

Y) If you dare let any of my children near dirt then I’ll blame you when they they’re allergic to everything… oh and please make sure you use the detol soap dispenser that you don’t actually touch…

Z) School, Uni, Career, Marriage, Kids, there is no other way to life really and if you don’t live by this standard then clearly you don’t have a life and if you turn up to your kids graduation at the age of anywhere between 40-50 then really you were far to young to be having children because really we’re not allowed to have kids until 35 and no younger because before then is just too young. My mother was 25 when she had my brother – what do you say to that?

HA HA HA HA HA HA I am evil.

Ok – so just a heads up – most of these ‘complaints’ are me joking and I’m not really being serious. But I do think that we all need to relax including myself. Your life is your life it shouldn’t be mapped out according to what other people say and you should just live it the way you wish.

Even if you do, do the things on this list – it’s ok.

Can we stop judging and criticising people because clearly by the fact that I came up with about 26 ideas on how people ‘should’ live their lives – is a statement in itself…

I’m sick of reading articles titled with “The pressures of pregnancy” “How to decorate your child’s room” “We all seem to have allergies or food intolerance” “There are women as young as 20 deciding to get a sperm donation – what a shock” “Baa baa black sheep banned from childcare centres” or watching ads that are advertising these products that allow children to learn how to read before they get to school…

I see parents on the streets negotiating with their children about their behaviour – what happened to “Come here NOW!” or a slap on a wrist – I don’t agree with bashing your children or making out like their bad people… but I got yelled at or had small hits on my wrist  and usually it was because I was crossing the road without mum or about to touch the stove… and I’ve turned out to be a pretty normal and genuinely good person…

Lesson of the day:

Chill out!!! It’s ok if your apple came from the supermarket and you gave your child a lolly snake.

Language development is important before a child gets to kindergarten/school but we have teachers for a reason.

Signing out as I’m about to spend time with my mother and brother whom I love very much!

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