Don’t worry about the things you can’t change.

I was told this back in 2006, when I was in year 11. I was 17 which felt old because by the December of that year I would be 18, which meant adulthood. Responsibility and having to lead your life came with adulthood. I was afraid to be pushed right into it as though I was to become an instant adult.

How can someone be an adult when they are still at school? Amongst other things. Two years later it was 2008 I was approaching 20 and still felt the same. The worries that I had then have completely changed. I know now, there is no such thing as instant anything – especially adulthood…maybe that’s why you’re still working on it by the time you turn 60 and get the label “senior”.

Plus I am no longer caught up in other people’s lives in the same way I was back then, I can see the difference between being worried about others and seeing what they are going through and simply being there for them.

Right now though at midnight on a Wednesday night or Thursday morning, whichever way you look at it. I’m worried or concerned or something a rather.

It’s about something I can’t change or do something about but desperately want to. I hate not having the power to help those I love whether friends or family.

In this case it’s a friend. Who might even read this post…maybe it’s a way to reach out to this person without me really thinking – that, that is what I’m doing.

My point is I know when thinking about this more realistically and clearly that I have to relax, take my mind off it so that I can sleep…

I know I can’t change the situation. The whole point of not worrying about the things you can’t change is to see that unless you actually have the power to change something that it’s not going to change and you have to accept it so you can live your life.

Like me getting my driver’s licence. As much as friends and family have been bugging me to do something about it they can’t actually get it for me.

I am in fact doing something about it, I’ve had a few things get in the way but now is the time.

Today I had a driving lesson and I’m telling you – scary as anything, I was so nervous that I had to sit for an hour before before the lesson so that I could calm myself down. I haven’t driven for a year which I know is bad but it was because I was sick last year and needed to focus on getting better…anyhoo…it was raining for most of the day and i thought – oh great, rain on my first driving lesson in a year…great.

By the time my instructor got to my house, it had stopped raining…as soon as I got into his car, things were clicking like never before. I was finally using the steering wheel properly because I was actually taught how and got to the stage where head checks felt normal.

I think this time it will actually happen. Especially because I’m doing something about it. A change I have control of – when it’s something you know you do something about, you don’t worry because there is no need to. You have the power.

The power is gone and then you worry.

The logical thing to do is not to worry because if you can’t do anything about it then you need to let it run it’s course so the change happens.

Eyes are now drooping…this right here is one of the reasons why I write.

No lesson of the day – it’s in the title.

Sleep tight to all if you haven’t quite made it there…signing off…