My Coeliac Life

In this funny world of blogging where people come to share their thoughts, stories and ideas a popular topic to talk about is cooking or baking. These days there are also a lot of people writing about Gluten Free living or what it is like to live without some form of food. I wanted to have a go at sharing what it is like for me and how my life has changed since being diagnosed with Coeliac Disease.

In following on with what seems to be a tradition here I would like to start with ‘my story’:

With my story it is hard to know where to begin. As a child I never really like bread or pasta but was very fond of cakes, biscuits and pastry. I loved Milo. At one stage I even contemplated including Milo as a name for my baby name list. I have always had a sweet tooth…which my dentist often would like to point out to me. A lot of my memories are associated with food. I love it. It was never difficult to know what I wanted at a restaurant and treats like Chinese food and fish n’chips were something I would always be eager to indulge in.

When my last two years of school came around I started noticing that I was getting quite lethargic. The year after (2008) I finished school I had small sharp pains in my stomach that would come every now and again. I never thought anything of either of these things because it just felt like nothing or something that would go away. Then by 2010 my health became increasingly worse. Going to the hospital because of pain in my stomach just seemed silly and like a waste of time. Getting sick from chicken parmigiana was just not cool. Then it felt like my body was rejecting pretty much everything I was eating. I went to the hospital another couple of times and lost almost 15kg. Then it was time to see my GP. A few tests later and I found out I had Coeliac Disease. The treatment was a Gluten Free diet. (It was now 2011)

Life had dramatically changed. At first I didn’t know exactly what to do and I had no idea how much food contained gluten. Like a lot of people I thought that it was simply in the obvious things. Soon after my news it was Easter. I was no where near enough prepared for a long weekend on this new diet which resulted in anger rampage! It wasn’t very pleasant.

Since my disastrous Easter I have since learnt a lot about what it is to live on a Gluten Free diet not just simply to live but to enjoy eating again.

This page ‘My Coeliac Life’ is to help me further on my Gluten Free ‘journey’. I will find recipes that are typically filled with gluten and make them free of it. I will learn about the origins of these foods. The posts will be about the experience of making these recipes. I can guarantee they will not be ‘perfect’ both aesthetically or taste. Some will be delicious, some might not. I will take photos of some of the processes and of the end product. Ultimately it will be about what I learn from it and not about the end result. I will keep practicing recipes that don’t work out and see what happens.

I hope if anyone reads them, that they too get something out of it. Please keep in mind that I am not a photographer by any means and that the photos will be quite ‘artsy’.


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