Shouldn’t it be Autumn?

It’s the 10th of March 2013 and it’s hot. I feel very conflicted by this because here in Melbourne according to the seasons the weather should be cooling down not heating up. We should be sleeping not tossing and turning in the heat.
We should be eating soup not salad.
We should be wearing a jumper not shorts and a t-shirt.

I don’t know how other people feel but to have an extended summer is frustrating!

I’ve always wished for consistent weather in Melbourne but I only want it, if it coincides with the season we’re in.

However of course being typical of Melbourne – my wish remains ungranted!

I now probably sound like I’m grumpy… and guess what? The heat makes me bothersome so yes I am indeed in a grumpy mood.

I’m looking out for the coloured leaves, the tights unders dresses, the boots, not having a fan in my room and the deliciously comforting food.

Right now, the thought of going outside and sweating and sweltering through the day is giving me the urge to stay at home and not really do much!

I just want cooler weather and I bet I’m not the only one!!



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