Christmas is all around


It’s Thursday the 27th of December here in Melbourne, Australia. 30 Degrees celisus and extremly windy. I am just having the last bites of my Christmas Pavlova and sipping on a hot chocolate.

In my current state I feel a sugar coma about to commence, I’m tired, not at all hungry and can’t stop sneezing. The celebrations of Christmas is over but the holiday itself still pushes on.

Since the 20th of December I have been in a whirlwind of family. My Auntie and Uncle are visiting from DC (Washington) which is always a time of excitment and chaos…

It started with dinner at a favourite middle eastern restaurant…then a long trip to my grandparents farm… then to my mother’s house at the beach… by the 23rd –  17 of my family members including myself sat down for an assortment of foods for our Christmas lunch…
by Christmas eve it was just Mum, my brother and myself… and Christmas Day we enjoyed the meal pictured above…

And here I am feeling relieved to spend time with myself… contemplating what the new year is yet to bring while occassionally taking a glimpse at the pile of washing waiting to washed.

“Oh there’s always tomorrow!” I say to myself

But no seriously it really has to be done…

The day itself is over. But as I look out the window or wander through my house.

I see that Christmas really is all around…

Signing off because the sugar coma really is setting in…

PS Do I sound like Hugh Grant in Love Actually??



Everything is ok

Job searching is gruelling, it comes with more disappointment and set backs that I thought was possible.

I looked back today on my study results and grades through-out my course and realised that I’ve done really well. I’m still doing really well.

It’s now getting closer to the Christmas period and I think that all I have to do is focus on enjoying that time. A time where family come together to celebrate love, giving and hope.

I have a lot in my life and a lot to give. If I sit here and accept that I will get there, then I will. There will come a day where I have my own classroom with my own students and can teach. It just might take more time that I originally planned.

Which is ok. I don’t want to mope away the summer in stress and fear of not having a teaching job. I’m a young woman about to turn 24, there are still so many years ahead of me to figure things out.

Besides I’ve always had a theory that all anyone is doing is figuring things out… whether your my age or in your 30s, 40s, 50s whichever things might not always be clear… or never clear. I will live the life that I’m living and even though it’s not always easy to stay positive at the end of the day

Everything is ok. It’s all good, I just need to take one step at a time! 🙂

To anyone else who is this situation don’t lose heart, use the set backs to become more determined – because I know that, that is what I’m doing!

Signing off – good night. Don’t let the bed bugs bite, if they do use dynamite.

I can go the distance!


I’m inspired by Disney as though I’m still a little girl – but this song although I’m not aspiring to be a hero I feel is very reminiscent of what I am trying to achieve. I think that if I didn’t do everything in my power to achieve my life goals then I wouldn’t have the same satisfaction as I did once I got there.

If finding a job takes more than 70 job applications with most of them being rejected before I find the school that’s right for me then, then so be it.

I want this more than anything at this stage of my life and I will do what it takes to get there.

If it means singing a long to songs such as “I can go the distance” featured in the Disney film “Hercules” in order to help in boosting my confidence than so be it. I have to hold on to the belief that I will get there in the end.

Like anything I’ve so far achieved, it takes what it takes to get there and I just have to do what that is!

In the meantime – got anymore Disney songs I can sing to reflect how I’m feeling??

Signing of for more singing! 🙂

Woah… short post!