A change in head space goes a long way!!

So some people might say that what I do before I study or during a day of study as procrastination. But honestly even if you say you’re going to have a study day, it’s not healthy to only study with a few small breaks for food, drinks and toilet breaks. Sometimes you need to occupy your mind and do other things to get your home work done or simply just to be productive. Today I had one of those days. A day of study to catch up on study that I missed during Easter. I needed the time to have a break, plus I got a cold so then I needed time to rest…but I probably would have prolonged study anyway… but that’s not the point…


This is my point – a few weeks ago I decided to do my homework sitting at this table, natural light coming through the window, a cup of tea, my books set up in a way which allows for multi-tasking and somehow my least favourite subject became somewhat relaxing… and I was able to get my work done more efficiently than when I was in my room.

Previous to sitting at this table, I was stuck in my room at my desk – not doing a thing.

The change in where I was sitting – changed the way I worked… It was so great!

Today I did a very similar thing. I moved to my living room where there are more living room tables than necessary…and worked with a bit of sound in the background and once again got more done than if I had stayed in my room.

It wasn’t though just my relocation. It was also because study wasn’t my complete focus. Sure I had a lot to get through, but I couldn’t just sit and do it all day. I started my day with a bit of breakfast while sending off my ensemble notes to my Drama ensemble groups… started work on another Drama assignment…made lunch…ate it…tried going back to home work…went to the supermarket…wrapped my cousin’s birthday present…did a load of washing…made dinner…called a friend…went back to study…finished another assignment for my Tibet subject – while watching Betwitched…emailed my Auntie…ate some Easter eggs and probably did other things that I haven’t mentioned…and now here I am…

A very productive day!

Plus I didn’t feel weigh-downed by being in my room doing homework. In fact I felt as though I had a very good day, not too eventful but having gotten a lot done – it was a very good day.

The move to another spot in the house, to leave the house a couple of times or sometimes to do something enjoyable like calling a friend or even watching T.V is ok on a study day if it means you still get things done. Studying – and especially these days shouldn’t and isn’t about being in your room and sitting at your desk.

You don’t have to have a typical clear desk, a quiet room and small breaks to get things done…

Sometimes even having a long break – to get away can really help and if you’re not enjoying some portion of the day, then really isn’t any point because trust me, miserable people don’t do homework!

Miserable people sit around and think about why they are miserable or sit around eating chocolate and watching movies – I’m all for the chocolate and movies, the best combination really… but if you have a lot of things to do – then it’s not really appropriate…

If you’re like me though and can’t stand silence while you work, a bit of music or even a bit of background T.V is well not just ok, but great…

If silence is more distracting than useful then make the change to have a bit of noise.

If your dull room and dull desk doesn’t suit the space in which you study then move somewhere else and sit somewhere else.

If being inside is driving you insane then go for a walk – trust me getting fresh air and listening to your own thoughts instead another person’s inside a textbook on a topic that you know nothing about – helps!!

If you need something to eat – don’t eat it by your lap-top or notebook. Stop. Eat. Return to study.

If you have shopping or washing to do – then do it because otherwise the thought of you having not doing it will take over your mind more than the theories on teaching and education or whatever it is you might be studying…

If you would much rather call your friend then read another flipping article on another flipping subject matter on another flipping topic about something! Then do it – you’ll have a laugh and get back to the article afterwards. Laughing is a great thing for the soul – it lifts you up like nothing else can and so can talking to a friend…

If chocolate is necessary get some and eat it.

The trick is to find the balance with doing the things you need and want to do that isn’t study to then allow you to study when you’ve finished doing those other things.

Besides I got four assignments done today – in amongst all the other things… some people including myself may call me a “freak” but hey – obviously the way I do my homework… works!!

Now come Sunday I have one thing to work on… plus a monologue to continue to rehearse as Monday is when I get to say my arts, thous, doths and thees – but I will feel in on that – next week! 🙂

Signing off – to next time!

Lesson of the day:

Take your time and recognise how important head space really is cos it will help in what you need to do to be happy with your day.

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