Sweetie, Ma’am or the Lady

“Here Sweetie, this is a pamphlet explaining the works on St Kilda Road”

“How can I help you Ma’am?”

“Let the lady walk past, *insert name of child here.*”

Back in the day I was always called the little girl, even when I was 12 going on 13, 13 going 14, etc. I think though by the time I reached 16 this had stopped…

But over the last couple of years I’ve been getting used to people calling me Ma’am, I honestly didn’t think that, that would happen in my 20s especially considering I’ve always been told that I have a baby face… let’s just have a look at some  photos to see if getting older has changed my face or if it’s the hair or both?:

2007 –   2008 –   2009 –

2010 –  2011 – Before World’s Greatest Shave

2011 – After Hair was Shaved        2011- Hair grown a bit –

2012 – ………………………………. But maybe it’s not the face, it could just my change in confidence and personal growth that has come things I’ve experienced and gone through…

I’m not sure. But it’s still very strange to be of someone of my age and to be called Ma’am. Ma’am sounds like I’m the queen or old…

I mean I do get teased for being lady-like and ‘proper’ by some people…but still it’s strange. Ma’am is for women who curtsey, drink tea and eat cucumber sandwiches… I am not sure if I’m a Ma’am.

Sweetie though, sweetie has gotten old… sweetie was something I didn’t mind being called when I was 16… sweetie definitely is something you call a toddler or a child and maybe a teenager but not someone who is 23 – I’m young but NOT that young… sorry…

Although the Lady thing – unless it was “Hey! Lady” is different… that makes me feel like an adult… I know it’s sounds silly in some ways… but I’ll give you an example:

The other day I was walking home and went past a family – a mother and her five yes count them five girls – I assumed they were all hers, the youngest was a baby and the eldest was a teenager (or maybe someone about to enter into the teenage years…hard to tell but you get the point) and of course a family of that size takes up a lot of room on the footpath, I wasn’t upset or anything nor was I in a rush to get home…

But you know the polite thing to do is to step aside – which they did… the mother though had to tell her children to move aside so that “the lady could get past” – I have been called a lady in this way before – but I contemplated and reflected over the situation – it seems to be that I do that with everything… and decided that the woman could see that I was an adult – I looked old enough to be called an adult. I know that most women don’t get too excited about the feeling of looking old, but after so many years minus the last few or so of so many people thinking that I was at least two and sometimes even four years younger than I was, it’s nice to know that, that woman thought that I looked old enough to be called a lady.

Just not so old enough to be called Ma’am.

Lesson of the day:

Growing up is so hard, once you get there though accept it and feel great about it, otherwise the people around you may never consider you an adult – and that can sometimes be tougher.

Signing off as there is one more day before Good Friday if I don’t write before Sunday then


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