If you could write to the world – what would you say?

I wrote another poem and posted it on my other blog- which I wanted to leave just for poems. It’s title is “I want to write to world and say:”

When I was writing it I was thinking about stars and how powerful they are. They are beautiful, people wish upon them as though they hold some great power, we sometimes look up at them and think about our dreams, etc…

But is it realistic for us to do this, when they are so far away? They are bigger than just tiny dots too – it’s really pretty hard to imagine how big they are, etc…

Then somehow I started writing about flowers – and how maybe we should turn to them, because really we are more like them than stars if you think about it… right? But then again people don’t really look at stars and think – Oh I wish I could be one… unless you’re thinking about celebrities and if you think about it, most of that is all fake or hyped up by press and the public that get caught into it.

I guess really what I was thinking of is that no matter who we are and what we are doing with our lives or even where we come from… our goals, dreams, wishes are all reachable and we will figure out who we are in our own time.

The flower part of the poem is about being able to see where we can grow and where we can go with personal growth and that, that growth is forever continuous.

We shouldn’t rely on what we see in the stars to get us to where we want to be. We don’t need a time-line to do things in. We certainly need to stop worrying about what others are doing and where they are at, because we are all different and we just need to relax.

If we all saw happiness in a wish upon a star then personal growth wouldn’t occur because we would just sit around and wait for that wish to come true…that’s not really that helpful…

Right now, I wish I could articulate what I was saying much better than I am, but I can’t and have to accept that I’m just having one of those days…

Goodness, I slept through my alarm and missed uni (ah shock to system!! LOL) and instead did a huge load of washing… watched a couple of episodes of Gilmore Girls Season 1…I’ve decided that it’s inevitable that I will watch Gilmore Girls annually – no matter how I avoid it as I have seen it almost  too much for one person to ever see of a tv show… I watched YouTube videos, have been grazing all day, been sorting my homework so it’s easier to do, read emails… looked at etsy…looked at my room as a job for another day and have now decided to do some writing.

A) To get it out of my system

B) because if I don’t then I will cry instead…

I am NOT sitting here feeling miserable or anything… but it’s just this day – maybe yesterday leaked into today and tried to take it over…

cos yesterday was horribly boring, dull and oh-so draining…

yesterday my problems were not so far away but as close as the keyboard is to my fingers…

I felt like my dreams and hopes for the future of teaching was taken in an instant in these poor little preps and grade ones and what was put upon them

Reading and writing ALL day and all because their normal teacher was away on camp and they were given a reading recovering lady…

My first impression of her was seen through her facial expression of sheer drudgery and disdain

Her: Are you a student?

Me: Yes

Her: umph! (cranky facial expression that was absorbed through-out the room and the day yet to come)

Her: Oh ok… what year are you?

Me: Fourth (said with a smile)

Her: Oh good! (As she gave a wicked witch’s gleam…)

Her: Did you have anything prepared for today, cos I don’t mind if you have things you need to do

Me: No, I’m normally with the grade 5/6s

Her: Oh then you can just chill then because I was going to do lots of writing and reading in the morning then think of something for the afternoon…

Me: Ok, I’m happy with whatever you ask me to do (BIG mistake)

– conversation continued like this for a little while… then the bell rang…

She snapped through the morning as those poor kids just sat there and there I was doing nothing (well roaming and small group stuff…)

But I’m a fourth year student! I should be given challenges – put me on the spot, throw me in the deep end – that’s what I’m here for – otherwise next year I will sink, like someone has never been sunk before…

By the afternoon I was ecstatic and jumping up and down (inside) because of how happy I was …
I rushed off to meet mum at her work a usual thing I do on my way home from placement… and vented my frustrations with hot chocolate in hand…

We talked about a whole lot of other stuff and was relieved to go home

had an early night and slept like I never slept before

and now we are up to today…

The day was actually brilliant but gave me time to really think… perfect for my assignment that is due tomorrow as it’s a  reflection writing piece, but not so good for my mind as it’s now full of thoughts that aren’t escaping…

The point though is though – what do we want for the world?

Apart from a better environment and for everyone to have access to clean water – etc, the list is endless…

What do we want: really?

Do we want to simply be happy? To have love? To make babies? To be able to eat great food? To explore where we all come from?

To experience personal growth?

Just to live?

To be alive, sounds pretty good to me… I have a friend who doesn’t want to turn 30 – to avoid her birthday as though it can’t happen… but then I have a friend who didn’t make it to 21 and an uncle who is on his way to 60 (he has a few years yet…) – who said to me around the time of his last birthday when I asked if it was a good one?

That every birthday is a good one because it’s another year that I’m alive

Can we ask of the world to simply just be alive? Or is that too big of a question…

What is it that we should ask?

To love one another – where is this love, is it possible to find for everyone…

I know what I’m asking is huge but I guess that’s what I’m saying in the poem. It’s a huge idea to look up at the stars and to think that, that they hold all the answers and that one wish when wish upon them will surely come true and change our lives forever.

Lesson of today:

We need to ponder these questions not so we then try to solve all world problems but to ask it of ourselves and we what we want.

Also write down your thoughts so that they have somewhere to go.

Signing off so that I can eat dinner and finish that assignment that’s due tomorrow!

Link to poem and other blog – if you are interested in reading:



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