Soup, Tea and Honey.

It is sometimes easier to give in to having a rest. To take a break from life and just relax. Us uni students didn’t get Labour Day off and I think that was the cause of the sore throat I received. I should have had that day off on Monday – it was as though they planned it right when everyone needed it…

(Although I know that’s not really true)

Instead I decided to have two days off right in the middle of the week, but I only did it because I knew I needed it. I’m not the type of person to skip school – trust me… I remember back in 2003 I rocked up to school completely sick, I was wrecked, etc but was still determined to go because I spent all weekend working on an assignment for history…kids these days would probably call me a loser or something… I don’t really know what they say anymore as I’m not one…

I did have moments in the two  years after to make up for being so determined, but I’m pretty sure that was due to illness… because most of the time I loved school… some poeple might have thought the amount of love I had for school was sickening or strange or just plain weird…

The reasoning behind staying home the last couple of days was because last week I had the biggest week which didn’t stop by the time the weekend rolled round and then it was Monday where I had to start again…plus when I left the house on Tuesday all ready to go – my throat felt so sore that right now I’m having trouble to describe just how much…but basically too sore to spend in a classroom full of grade 5/6s and Prep/1s, that’s for sure.

I ended up going straight back to bed and not getting out again until that afternoon where I decided to crawl over to my medical centre, where I spent most of the afternoon wishing I had never left the house…but I needed a medical certificate and had to wait it out. I did so though surrounded by the many characters that enter and leave a waiting room…

There was the elderly couple – who looked like they had lived a good life looking out for each other… the girl who only wanted to smoke a cigerette…and was wearing sunnies inside…the elderly man who piped up about being retired for 17 years and was oblivious to what was going on around him, the girl who walked in looking like she could fall over cos she was that sick, a scary looking person who made me feel incredibly anxious, a woman who swore with everything that came out of her mouth but was as sweet as anything, a really impatient person who kept yelling at the doctor, a mother who kids needed the flu vaccine and another mother with two children…

these children though were very painful to be around and most kids I like, in fact pretty much all children I like (yes I’m deranged…) but seriously their mother was sitting there while they rang around the room, crawled on the floor, threw their ball around, threw tan bark on my lap, spilt their drinks, etc. You name it and these kids did it. While their mother sat and watched them and when she got frustrated would tell them off with a whisper!!! Why… Ok. So I’m not a parent. My experience with children is in the classroom or looking after them while their parents are at work so yes raising them is different and normally I don’t question how children are disciplined but this time I feel like I have to ask – why was she just sitting there???

Eventually and I mean eventually I was greeted by my doctor with “this place is a mad-house and it’s like watching a reality tv show” – see the funny thing is, is every-time I’ve seen her – it’s pretty much the same and then she confirms my sanity and we get down to the diagnosis…and I’m the one that keeps coming back? but then again so does she..

So with medical certificate in hand…I went home via the supermarket to pick up some soup (spicy pumpkin). My new diet for the day consisted of a lot of soup, a lot of tea, warm apple juice and of course honey. Tonight I made chicken, sweet corn soup with vermicelli rice and chili flakes – for that extra kick and I think it’s done the trick or at least I hope it’s done the trick…because I’ve actually got to the point that I want to go back to uni – at least to see my friends…

Also not having my mouth open for the last couple of days unless I really needed to as been such a challenge, I wouldn’t have thought it would be, but then I realised how much I use it…even when alone. I think out loud, I sing to myself and I talk to my appliances/laptop/etc and of course my cat… I’ve even given up talking to my cat to get rid of the sort throat…

Please, please, please – be ok tomorrow… I want things to go back to normal – or relatively anyway….

plus I never want to see Soup, Tea and Honey for a long time…

Lesson of the day:

Rest is good. You need it – so take time every so often to do so otherwise you could burn out or get really ill and none of use want that for anyone…

Take a book to the doctors and immerse yourself in it so that waiting room doesn’t mess with your head and because time goes quickly when you aren’t watching the clock tick.

Signing off so that I can sing again…even if it’s just for fun.


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