Last day of summer holidays

So my last day of holidays was actually pretty ordinary but also pretty exhausting… Mainly due to the heat. Right now it’s only 21 so pretty pleasant but because it was a lot hotter during the day (plus 35…) inside the house has become  incredibly muggie which is really just disgusting…

You feel sticky, grubby, tired and as though you can’t be bothered to do anything. Also if you’re anything like me then and you absolutely cannot stand the heat then you just become naturally cranky and start hating the world.

The last day of the holidays is always about organising things add heat and it becomes a blur and generally you can’t be bothered.

My to do list for today was:

*Eat breakfast

* Get keys cut for new house-mate moving in

*Organise room so I can use it to study

*Get a hair cut

*Find out times for a movie I’m seeing tomorrow

*In between everything else – eat and drink plenty of water cos of the heat and you know normal stuff that you do but don’t put on a to do list

*Make sure that old house-mate comes to sign the bond realise and collect his mail

*Move furniture so that person who is buying it can collect it

*Food shopping


But really this is what happened:

I decided that when I woke up I didn’t quite feel like eating breakfast or getting up so I decided that I would watch a couple of videos on YouTube, I knew it was going to be hot so the thought of getting out of bed felt incredibly awful. On hot days I find that my mind is always somewhere else and I had already forgotten what I needed to get done. In this case some of these things meant that I had to venture outside and endure the heat. At this point though I was oblivious to this fact and was deliriously happy to the thought of lying in bed. It felt like I was going to have the typical Sunday, the one that meant you didn’t eat breakfast until it was more like brunch, you could get dressed at any point of the day and things to do were non-existent.

I got a bit bored of lying in bed so I decided to get a cup of Chai Tea and sit and watch the end of Sabrina, last night after coming home from looking after my two favourite little girls 🙂 (my work that doesn’t feel like work) I decided to be really silly and start watching Sabrina so now I had to finish watching it while drinking my tea… and like I have already mentioned, it was hot so my mind was mushy as yucky peas…

As the morning was passing and the day was nearly turning into the afternoon I had realised that I had stuff to do. That meant no more typical Sunday and going outside to face the heat. Great. At this point in time I had already watched a bunch of videos on YouTube, checked my email I think several times, gone onto Facebook also several times, looked at my uni timetable and it had dawned on me my so-called perfect uni timetable was completely stuffed. I had worked out last year that I would have two days at uni, two days work and one day for my teaching rounds – then the weekend to study or weekend stuff. It was going to work out really well!! So I called my Mum, the person that I turn to for pretty much anything – although being my mother there are still boundaries… At first she was going off the whole: you need to grow up and not have me go to her for things but then she realised that I was debriefing… That’s what I do. De-brief with pretty much everyone who just happens to be there…

After getting off the phone to my Mum I decided to contact a couple of my uni friends and before I knew it I was changing my timetable around to fit in with my uni – that’s usually how it goes. I swear they think all we do is going to uni. Uni consists of 26 weeks of the year – it’s not all we do! I’ve worked out that I probably have to be there an extra day… which will probably only mean one day of work, but maybe if I can have a half day as well then it should be ok… plus I have all my casual work too so I should be ok…

After all of this I thought I should go to the chemist because I needed some period pain medication and knew that it was coming – I had one dose left but knew that wasn’t enough so I was trying to be organised because I KNOW what it’s like to not have the tablets when you need them… on my way there though I realised it was Sunday – duh Emma it’s not open on a Sunday so then thought while I outside I would go to the milkbar to get the keys cut…

My thoughts were on food as I still hadn’t managed to eat breakfast and it was hot and I was probably getting de-hydrated too – it wasn’t good but I still went to the milkbar… Got the keys cut went home, tested them and they didn’t work, went back, got them re-cut, didn’t work then again and finally another time but by then they had decided to give me a refund and a whole hour of the day had gone by which then meant it was the afternoon and my stomach was still empty!

Bowl of cereal in hand I went back to my room to eat it because for some reason I wanted to eat it there… I don’t know I hadn’t had any caffeine that day – don’t like to do that in the heat… so my room just seemed right…

I think at this stage during the day I had gone back to YouTube videos and all that jazz… I had also decided that I should get some dishes out-of-the-way, so chucked them into the dishwasher cos I really couldn’t be bothered to hand wash them… then I had a nap – a very long one… and woke up feeling like C-R-A-P

It was then necessary to spend some time with my cat Zeke and I also thought that I would watch another one of the DVDs that I borrowed last week and hadn’t yet watched – plus they were due back at the video shop tomorrow – so really it all made sense… I had also just been to this shop called Clay – they sell all natural things and the majority of them are organic and as I have a gluten-free diet it was perfect…plus my new house-mates told me they sell GF bread and because I hadn’t bought bread in more than two weeks I got bread, GF Choc-chip cookies and free fresh basil – now that’s pretty awesome.  So I made myself some iced coffee and a plate of cookies… cookies I haven’t had choc chip cookies for ages so I was in heaven…

Sat down to Roman Holiday and just enjoyed the moment… so did Zeke.

My old house-mate finally came over to collect his mail and sign the bond transfer form, Mum came over to move some furniture that had just been sold and then period pain had sunk in… heat pack in the heat… yay… I still felt like crap, was grumpy as all and yeah just was in a mood…

My new house-mates though cleaned the kitchen and it was clean just in time for my dinner – turned out to be a brown rice salad with things that I had in the fridge and some olive oil… yum…

Last and final thing of the day was writing my first blog post while watching fools rush in and getting excited cos Beth Broderick aka Zelda Spellman from Sabrina the Teenage Witch one of my favourite T.V shows from all time that I still watch was in it – just for a short time but still…

I’ll soon get ready for bed and then start the day with washing my hair with new shampoo/conditioner and finally getting to my desk because instead of 8:00am I start at 12:00 so I’ll have more time!! Plus I won’t have to wake up at 5:30!!

Signing off… see you on another day… maybe tomorrow or the next we will soon see…


From today I learnt:

Life is sometimes doing things that you don’t like…

and watching Audrey Hepburn and movies that she stars in just makes you want to enjoy life… especially when you see her in Rome eating Gelati.

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